Educational practice observation is compulsory in secondary school teacher training which combines two skills: Comprehensive Practice in psychology and pedagogics conducted within two weeks at high schools; In the academic year 2017 - 2018, 620 students from 12 secondary school teachers training majors were sent to observe classes at 18 high schools in Nghe An Province. In order to make the educational practice observation effective, students must carry out the following tasks:
1. Students effecting educational practice observation must understand the purpose, requirements, contents and plans of the educational practice observation session.
2. To Fully implement regulations prescribed in : "Plan and content of educational practice observation session in academic year 2017 - 2018"
3. To Keep a good manner, dignity and healthy lifestyle (To wear the name tag under the regulations of Vinh University).
4. Students must be considered themselves as members of the high school, strictly respect  all regulations of the school. When they make suggestions, they must get the approvement of the organization, they must not speak at random, irresponsibly, timelessly and in a wrong place.
5. To maintain the right relationship between teachers and students.
6. To keep a good relationship, respect local customs. To seriously implement the guidelines, policies of the state and the customs of the local. To keep the living place clean and tidy. To return items previously borrowed and to compensate all damages.
7. To protect public facilities, security and sanitation; to prevent fire and malefactors.
8. The Steering Committee of educational practice observation and supervisors are responsible for disseminating this regulations to each student and monitoring, supervising the implementation, and proposing  commendation to good students, and disciplining the violators.
9. When evaluating the results, and ranking student’s educational practice observation, evaluators must base on the implementation of this regulations