To implement the university entrance examination 2017, from June 26th to June 28th, Vinh university organized the special skills tests for 690 candidates (in total of 768 registered candidates) of  Preschool Education and Physical education majors. For gifted subject, its mark will be mutiplied with coefficient 2; that means it decides 50% of total elected mark.

In this year, Vinh University expects 110 and 20 indicators to enroll into Preschool Education and Physical Education major in respectively. In addition, in 2017, based on the permission from the Ministry of Education and Training, Vinh University organizes to train 5 majors (full time undergraduate) at Vinh Long University of Technical Education including of Preschool Education major (with 55 registered candidates).

After exam, candidates of Preschool Education major took photo to save memories at Vinh University.