The competition was organized with the participation of Assos. Prof. Dr. Thai Van Thanh- Vice President;  Assos. Prof. Dr. Ngo Dinh Phuong - Vice President, Dr. Pham Xuan Binh – Head of Academic Affairs Department; representatives from other departments as well as hundreds of students from all departments.

The competition is a forum for students to exchange, learn and practice career skills as well as contribute to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, promote creative ideas for non-pedagogical major.

This year, there were 14 teams that is represented for 14 departments. As results from four eliminate round, four teams were chosen (Education Management, Information Technology, Economics and Journalism). Each team brought to the final competition very different color and all they could show the bravery, dynamism, creativity and spirit of the winning team.

Through three exciting and meaningful contents of the final competition (Greetings, Career understanding and Creative Ideas/Products), the first prize belonged to the Education Management Team. This is an big effort, try hard and it asserts that Education Management major – Education Department is clearly moving in the quality of training. The Journalism Team won the second prize; Economics Team and Information Technology Team achieved the third and fourth prize in respectively. The competition ended with joyful emotions, the joy of victory that had made an unforgettable memory in everyone’s hearts.

Here are some pictures of the competition: