1. Training departments and related departments
    1. Training departments and schools
    2. Completing the examination for 54th course full time undergraduate students and the previous courses
    3. Reviewing units, accrued credits, accrued average point of all full time undergraduate students ( 54th course and the previous courses)  in accordance with full time training curriculum to recognize graduation.
    4. Informing to students to pay all tuition and other fees before September 20th 2017
    5. Commenting, assessing, classifying and recording in student profiles on the CMC system.
    6. Department of Academic Affairs
    7. Reviewing all student information and conditions for considering graduation in accordance with training regulations.
    8. Graduation recognition for students on the CMC system before September 20th 2017
    9. Summarizing the list from the departments and submitting to the Graduation Recognition Council.
    10. Centre for Quality Assurance
    11. Developing the examination planning and marking. The due date is at 5pm September 20th 2017
    12. Reviewing mark management software and study result data, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness 


    13. Department of Students Affairs, Centre for Information Technology, Department of Administrative Affairs

      Coordinating with training departments and institutes to update the student information: full name, date of birth, place of birth, ethnicity, gender on CMC software system

    14. Centre for Continuting Education

      Coordinating with the department of foreign language to check and update in the software system CMC of all types of foregin language certificates; examination result must be completed on CMC software before September 20th 2017

    15. Department of Planning and Finance

      Coordinating with training departments and institutes to check tuition fees and other fees of last year students; then notifying them to be paid before September 20th 2017

  2. Students
    • Correcting and updating personal information

      Checking of study results. If there are any errors, the students need to see training assistant or academic adviser before September 20th 2017

    • Cancelling the elective units.

Graduation recognizition registration: Students who are now eligible for graduation, need to submit a graduation recognizition application to the department or institute before September 20th 2017